Toni Doll Clothes

Toni Doll Clothes

Ideal Toni doll clothes and dresses in this category have been designed to fit the original Ideal Toni doll as well as the Robert Tonner reproduction Toni dolls. Toni was another wardrobe doll and had many outfits made for her. Toni’s outfits are often made of polished or embossed cotton, trimmed with rickrack or embroidered ribbon. Party dresses and bridal gowns were made of taffeta. Occasionally she was advertised in special outfits such as a velvet coat and hat. Toni always wears a slip and panties, shoes, and socks. The earliest Toni dolls had center snap oilcloth shoes; later, molded vinyl shoes were used.

The Ideal Toni doll was introduced in 1949 as an advertising doll for Toni Home Permanent. Toni is made of all hard plastic and has a jointed body. The earliest dolls have a nylon wig, Their sleep eyes are generally blue but there are other colors too. They have real upper eyelashes, painted lower lashes, a small rosebud painted closed mouth. This doll was much-loved doll by many little girls and today by doll collectors of all ages.

Toni dolls are almost always found marked as follows:

P-90 = 14″, P-91 = 15-16″, P-92 = 19″, P-93 = 21″, P-94 = 22″-23″ tall


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