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Saucy Walker Doll Clothes

These Saucy Walker Doll Clothes are copies of dresses made in the 1950’s. They are made of cotton fabrics and may have cotton or nylon lace and trims.

The Ideal Saucy Walker dolls were made between 1951 – 1957. They were made in both the 16″ and the 22″ size. The most popular size was the 22″ doll. She is all hard plastic and is a walker type doll with a pin jointed body and a grill in her tummy (with or without crier) She has a wig, sleep eyes, open mouth with two teeth or closed mouth, and some dolls have bent knees, too. Saucy Walker doll came in a black version too, but is rare. The doll is marked on her back: Ideal Doll W16 or Ideal Doll W22 based on the dolls height. Saucy Walker dolls were also available through Sears.


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