Ideal Toni Doll Dresses Still in Demand More than half a century later Toni and her dresses are still popular Most of the little girls who were lucky enough to get a Toni doll for Christmas or a birthday still have [...]


Vintage Style CissyDoll Clothes

Vintage Style CissyDoll Clothes Reflect The Materials and Styles of Her Era Vintage Style CissyDoll Clothes - Cissy doll dresses were made in a time when polyester was not yet being made. Madame Alexander Cissy dolls were popular because [...]


Antique Doll Dress Styles

Antique Doll Dress Styles Antique Doll Dresses– Standard Styles Examples of Antique Doll Dress Styles for dolls. Searching on the internet, on eBay and doll sites, and even doll supply houses—it is clear that most people describing antique doll dress [...]


Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls

Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls to repair I recently received these Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls. They sure brought back memories of my childhood! I remember my grandmother reading us the story of Raggedy Ann and Andy and the [...]


Lenci Type Felt Doll

Lenci Type Felt Doll Alma Felt Doll? This sweet felt doll came from Italy in the early 30’s. She had age spots on her body, a deep stain on her face, and her arm seams had split. Her hair [...]


Stuffed Rabbit Repair – Mr. Bunny

Stuffed Rabbit Repair Mr. Bunny comes for a full restoration. Stuffed Rabbit Repair - Stuffed animal repair at the Forget Me Not Dolls is like a spa treatment for special stuffed animals. Mr. Bunny  had been well loved. His fur was [...]


Effanbee Patsy Doll Dresses

Effanbee Patsy Doll Dresses I have been sewing pretty little Effanbee Patsy Doll Dresses lately. This lot of dresses are for the 14" Patsy doll. But I do make dresses in sizes 11" - 30" for the entire Patsy Family dolls. This [...]


Just Fix My Doll!

Just Fix My Doll! Books, Books, And More Books I hear the cry, Just Fix My Doll! I am constantly taking classes, buying books, and researching the best practices and materials to fix dolls and toys. The restoration and [...]


Composition Doll Repair

Composition Doll Repair The most time consuming part of composition doll repair is in the sanding. After the paint removal, I sand the doll parts, then spray with a primer. Once the primer is dry, it is easy to [...]



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