Stuffed Rabbit Repair

Mr. Bunny comes for a full restoration.

Stuffed Rabbit Repair – Stuffed animal repair at the Forget Me Not Dolls is like a spa treatment for special stuffed animals. Mr. Bunny  had been well loved. His fur was matted down and with 50 years of dust layers he looked a beige color. He was in remarkable condition however with no tears or rips. He was just missing one eye and his tail squeaker no longer worked.

stuffed rabbit repair Stuffed Animal Repair Bunny3








Mr. Bunny had been in a flood, then resided in the top of a closet for years. His owners wife decided to surprise her husband with a special Valentine’s day gift. Mr. Bunny came to the Forget Me Not Dolls for a full restoration. He was to get new stuffing, new eyes, and a great squeaker for his tail. Let the stuffed animal repair begin!

First, his stuffing was removed, then his tongue and tag, as they wouldn’t survive a cleaning. Then his ears were removed so his tangled ear wires wouldn’t get rusty. He went into a vintage soak for several days until layers of dust were removed. Surprise of surprises! His fur was a lovely silver color. First to be repaired were his ears. The yellow taffeta ear lining was strong, so only the inner padding had to be replaced.bunnyears

The original ear wires were tangled, but still good, so I straightened them out and carefully stitched them to the edges. Mr. Bunny’s ears will be perky, and never have to sag again. His inner padding needed to be replaced, but his yellow taffeta ear lining came through the cleaning beautifully. It just needed a little ironing to look nearly new.


Mr. Bunny was made with a high quality rayon plush. When cleaned, it is beautiful and fluffy. This picture shows the left ear all fluffed up pretty, and the right ear waiting to be brushed and fluffed. Then they were stitched back into his head securely.

Next his new eyes were transplanted into the same holes as the old eyes, then his tongue and tag were resewn into place. Then the stuffing began. I always try to get the same firmness or softness as the original stuffed animal. At the end (no pun intended) 🙂 a new squeaker was placed into his tail before he was stitched up. This stuffed rabbit repair is almost finished.

Brushing and fluffing his fur was so much fun.It is amazing that this old fur can be fluffed to look so good. He almost looks new!

DSC01988 DSC01985 bunnylove2








What a difference a good cleaning and brushing can make in a stuffed animal!  Mr. Bunny will be good for another 50 years if he is kept out of the sun. 🙂 Mr. Bunny is to be presented to his childhood buddy on Valentine’s Day. It would be fun to see the two when they first unite.





Send your beloved stuffed animal repairs to the Forget Me Not Dolls for a spa treatment or full restoration, and a new lease on life. Old, somewhat old, or bitten by a rambunctious puppy – our full restoration or repair process is right for you! For your beloved old teddy bear, a stuffed rabbit repair, or any stuffed animal repair, the restoration process starts with a general cleaning. Cleaning alone can make a major transformation in a beloved stuffed toy. From that point we determine what kind of delicate, often intricate repairs might be needed. Fill out the Free Doll Repair Quote to reserve a place for your childhood pal to be restored.

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