Lenci Type Felt Doll

Alma Felt Doll?

This sweet felt doll came from Italy in the early 30’s. She had age spots on her body, a deep stain on her face, and her arm seams had split. Her hair was also coming apart. After some very careful surface cleaning, I arranged her hair and got it back in place. I was able to remove the age spots from the body, but some of the stain is still left on the face. Felt dolls are very difficult to clean, without damaging them, but they are really fun to dress in wool felt and organdy.

After researching Lenci dolls and felt dolls, I am thinking she might have been produced at the Alma Doll Company in Torino, Italy. Their felt dolls were Lenci look alikes. They were just as well made as the Lenci dolls and also had beautiful felt costumes. Most of their dolls were elastic strung, but this dolls joints are attached with wire and a metal discs.

I have found few references for the Alma Doll company but this is one link: http://www.dollreference.com/Cloth/alma_dolls.html

I found a great book on the techniques of Lenci clothing construction which includes patterns for the Lenci teddy, felt shoes, and twelve different outfits: “Lenci Clothes” by Carol McKee. I had some wool felt on hand and chose a burgundy and navy felt to produce this outfit for her. She is wearing a teddy made from a hanky, a simple felt dress, socks, shoes, coat and hat. The hat and coat have lots of felt trim accented with crewel wool.