My Kay Petal DVDs and needles got here finally and I have watched them all. Needle Felted Flower Child HeadKay has produced a wonderfel DVD set and is also wonderful about answering questions by email.

I have spent sooooo many hours on this head, but I have learned a whole lot about needle felting. I am pleased with the way she is turning out. I used Tibetan lambswool for her wig. For her crown of flowers I made a circle of white florists wire and cut out felt flowers and leaves to glue on.

Skeleton BodyI really want her to be pretty much in proportion, so I found a picture of a girl that is in the pose I want, then blew up the picture and figured out how long each piece needs to be. I have her basic skeleton made, now I need to make the hands and feet and put her together. Then I will start fleshing her out into a wonderful preteen.