I have been making antique reproduction dolls for over 30 years. The other day I was surfing the net, as I do too often, and somehow I got off onto cloth doll making. I am amazed at the quality of cloth doll making today, and I have suddenly become interested in making cloth dolls. Many years ago, I made cloth dolls for children, but these dolls are a whole different caliber.

Take a look at dolls by

Kay Petal http://feltalive.com/

Maggie Iacono http://maggiemadedolls.com/

R. John Wright http://www.rjohnwright.com/

Lisa Lichtenfels http://www.lisalichtenfels.net/

Aren’t they perfectly wonderful? I surely think so. Right off, I could see that these artists know something about anatomy and physiology, which I have avoided. But I trekked off to my local half price book store and found some wonderful reference books which I have been studying. I can see that I should have taken this up years ago.