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Cissy Doll Dresses & Clothes

As far as Cissy Doll Dresses & Clothes go, Cissy’s flamboyant matching shoes and hats were legendary. Cissy was a trendsetter in fashion; from classic suits and coats to casual peddle pushers and sandals. She had formal dresses of chiffon and satin including a special coronation dress. Beachwear like you would see on elite ladies at the beach,  and elegant evening wear such as one might see at the opera.  Her cotton dresses were known for the wide, wide skirts– no skimping on the material here. The skirts stood out with the help of the exquisite bouffant slips often trimmed with yards of net and lace.

Cissy had elegant  underwear as well, as any well dressed lady of her time would have worn. Unlike the fashion ladies of today, Cissy was not so thin she was skeletal– she was rounded but perfectly proportioned, making everything she wore look elegant and desirable.

Here you will find dresses that fit both the old and the new Madame Alexander Cissy Doll. The clothes will also fit 20-21″ lady dolls such as American Character Sweet Sue doll, Madame Alexander portrait dolls, and most of the unmarked fashion dolls of the era such as the 14R as long as they are the same 20-21″ size. Unfortunately, they don’t fit the marked Miss Revlon dolls, which are larger in the waist than Cissy.


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