CissyDoll Pink Secretary Outfit

This CissyDoll Pink Secretary Outfit comes in 100% wool felt with rhinestone accents on the lapel and skirt elastic waistband. The semi-sheer dimity cotton blouse is made of organdy with lace-trimmed armholes. The blouse features a lace ruffle with 4 tiny spots down the front and three pearl buttons in the back. The color is a soft baby pink that shows off the stitching details on the jacket. The beautifully tailored jacket has stitching details along most of the seams.

The slip for this outfit is a little shorter and a little less full than the regular Cancan slip. Two crinoline ruffles, one on the outside and one on the inside of the taffeta slip, add a pouf to the secretary skirt. Cissy will also need lace-trimmed taffeta panties.

Cissy doll collectors fondly refer to this 1957 style outfit as the “Secretary”. The flirty flower petal hat is the highlight of this outfit. It has multi-colored pinkish silk flower petals and a couple of velvet petals accented with rhinestones and topped with three green rose leaves.

Doll Edition has created a beautiful study of Cissy in her secretary outfit. The photography is stunning and the descriptions are spot-on for Cissy and fashions of her day.