Are you passionate about dolls and want to learn doll repair? Are you considering a career change or simply want to restore your own dolls? A seminar from Forget Me Not Doll Repair will provide you with the training you need to get started in professional doll restoration.

Forget Me Not Doll Repair offers hands-on training in doll repair techniques. Instruction is also given on the basics to start your business. You will learn how to run your business and how to set up your website. Once you complete your seminar, mentoring and assistance will be available to you. Whether you are taking a 4 day seminar or a two week seminar, you cannot learn everything in that amount of time. You can however, get a good foundation in doll restoration. I will be here to mentor you when you need assistance in deciding on the best repair options for a doll.

There are very few good doll hospitals available today. Proper materials must be used in professional doll restoration. I have seen too many dolls where porous materials are used to fill cracks, or paint is slathered on with a brush in hopes that the paint will fill the holes and cracks. This leaves a lumpy, terrible surface that has to be removed, filled and sanded before a professional restoration can be started. There are more dolls that need repaired than there are good doll doctors and doll hospitals available. Come learn to be a professional doll restoration artist as a career change or for a rewarding hobby.

You will be given a certificate of training from Forget Me Not Doll Repair once you complete your seminar.

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