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Antique Doll Dress Styles

Antique Doll Dress Styles Antique Doll Dresses– Standard Styles Examples of Antique Doll Dress Styles for dolls. Searching on the internet, on eBay and doll sites, and even doll supply houses—it is clear that most people describing antique doll dress [...]


Effanbee Patsy Doll Dresses

Effanbee Patsy Doll Dresses I have been sewing pretty little Effanbee Patsy Doll Dresses lately. This lot of dresses are for the 14" Patsy doll. But I do make dresses in sizes 11" - 30" for the entire Patsy Family dolls. This [...]


Silk Scarf Doll Dress

Silk Scarf Doll Dress   Make a silk scarf doll dress! I know that many of you have lovely silk scarves tucked away. They are just too pretty to throw away, but most of us don’t wear them all [...]


Mini Pleater – For Doll Clothes

Mini Pleater - For Doll Clothes I love all the tiny pleats that are on many of the vintage doll clothes, but it takes so long to make them that I decided to make a mini pleater to make it easier. There [...]


Authentic Costuming For Dolls

Authentic Costuming For Dolls Authentic Costuming for Dolls - Today there are many wonderful sewing machines, beautiful fabrics and trims, and doll patterns available for the doll costumer. If you are sewing for a modern doll, your choices are [...]



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