Sewing Doll Clothes

Using Tweezers for tiny pieces

When sewing doll clothes, you can be dealing with very small pieces. For example, the sleeve for a Patsyette may be only 1 1/4″ by 2 1/2″.  The sleeve has to be sewn into the curved sleeve opening on a dress bodice that is around 3″ wide overall. That curved opening is difficult to grasp and guide under the needle with your fingers.

Even sewing the sides of the bodice, where you want to guide it to a 1/4″ seam, can be difficult to grasp with your fingers and guide under the presser foot. Tweezers or T-pin are the answer. I have both curved and straight heavy duty tweezers near each of my machines, two regular sewing machines, the sergers, and the machine used for ruffling lace. They are excellent for guiding narrow lace through the ruffler too.

Accompanying this text is the picture is of the tweezers I use, one picture the serger, the other my main machine.  If you have ever struggled to guide a little piece of cloth beneath a wide sewing machine foot, you will love having the tweezers. Here is a link to the heavy duty type, in the handy 6″ size, at a good price! And I also have the larger size, the 8″, which come in handy when I need more reach to grasp something, click here

And here is a link to a nice sized curved tweezer that even in titled, “sewing machine tweezers”  just click here

I hope you enjoy having the tweezers to ease you guiding the little bodices, sleeves, lace and trims as you sew.

This post was written by JoAnn Morgan