Project Description

Stuffed Animal Repair

GeGe the Monkey

gege3gege2Stuffed Animal Repair – Susan had a monkey named GeGe that she carried everywhere with her when she was a child. Unfortunatly she was stuffed with foam rubber that deteriorated and caused the fabric to deteriorate also. Poor GeGe was falling to pieces. The tape and stitching were no longer helping and her hands were sticky with the roam rubber crumbs.

I couldn’t find a fabric that I really liked and her skirt is still in pretty good condition, so I bonded a lining fabric to the back of her body panties and was able to complete the body with her original panty fabric. Her skirt just needed a little hemming and stain removal. When I took her apart I discovered that her feet were once a heavy flannel. The flannel had just been loved off the outside of her feet. I am a bit of a pack rat and discovered a little piece of heavy flannel that I have saved for years. It was a perfect match to her feet.

GeGe’s hair was rubbed off in places, but it is part of her charm and shows how much she was loved, so I didn’t replace her fur, just cleaned it. In stuffed animal repair, I keep as much of the original animal as is possible. GeGe had to have new fabric on her torso and legs, but the color matched the original color that was on the inside seams of her body.

STUFFED ANIMAL REPAIRSusan is delighted to have her GeGe back home again.

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