Project Description

Squeaky The Stuffed Rabbit

Marty & Squeaky1958

Squeaky the Stuffed Rabbit Marty & Squeaky 1958

This sweet stuffed rabbit was given to a two year old boy who loved him very much. He saved his Squeaky for many years, then bunny was in a flood. They cleaned him up as best they could, but  still looked pretty bedraggled, his squeaker no longer worked, his ears would not stand up, and he was missing an eye.


Then Squeaky, the stuffed rabbit was brought to Forget Me Not Doll Repair to be restored. He was taken all apart to clean him. He was given new stuffing, a new squeaker in his tail, new vintage eyes and the wires in his ears were repaired to stand up again. Then he was put back together and his fur was brushed fluffy. Marty’s wife surprised him on Valentine’s day with a completely restored Squeaky!