KoolAid Dye

Oh My Goodness! I have been bitten by the needle felting bug, and as I usually do with new projects, I have gone completely overboard. I am going to use KoolAid Dye! I have wool all over the place! I can see now that I will have to sell some of it because I won’t be able to use it all up in two lifetimes. I even got some natural cotswold locks and washed them and they are now beautiful. You can see them in the back. They will make lovely hair for OOAK dolls.Too Much Wool!

I ordered a DVD set from Kay Petal, but all my wool has gotten here first. I will have to play with it until my instructions and needles get here. I found a really great buy on some natural Merino Roving and have been looking at some interesting sites that talk about KoolAid dye. It looks easy enough, so I decided to try it. This site gives you 135 formulas for different colors using KoolAid. http://www.dyeyouryarn.com/kool-aid.html 

Nuked Kool-Aid DyeFirst I tried the microwave. I mixed up my KoolAid dye in a glass dish with a lid, then I added my yard of roving and nuked it for a minute at a time until all the color had been absorbed. It is so surprising to see the water becomes almost clear.

Kool-Aid Dye PotThen  decided to try boiling several batches at once, so I got out my largest pan, put some canning rings in the bottom to keep the jars off the bottom of the pan. Then I started filling some pint jars with different flavors of Kool-Aid. After filling the pan with water to about an inch from the jar tops, I brought it to a simmer and let it simmer with the lid on for about 35 minutes until most of the color had been absorbed into the wool.

Dyed RovingThen I took the roving out and rinsed them in warm water and hung them out to dry on a plastic clothes hanger. I was so afraid of felting it all that I didn’t move it around enough, so the dye isn’t even, but it will be wonderful for shading.