Just Fix My Doll!

Books, Books, And More Books

I hear the cry, Just Fix My Doll! I am constantly taking classes, buying books, and researching the best practices and materials to fix dolls and toys. The restoration and preservation of antique dolls has been a consuming, but rewarding hobby and business. When I am stressed, I find a broken doll to fix and find myself relaxing into the process.

Packing, Storing, Unpacking, books helter skelter, and can’t find a thing. My books and most of my possessions were in storage for over a year. I finally bought a house and have been, remodeling, unpacking and trying to get life normal again.  I also work full time. Well, yesterday I decided I had to get my books organized so I could use them again: reference books; doll repair books; sewing books; shoe books; hat making books; sculpturing books; wig making books; wicker books; glass lamp working books; and too many kinds to list. I could get lost in my books rereading each one again. They are all topics I love to read about. Can’t have too many good books. I am beginning to get them in piles now so I have hopes of getting them back on the shelves in categories so I can find things when I need them again.

That was yesterday. Today I know where most of my books are. Now if I need to fix something and need a quick reference, I can find it. There are mountains of books available on how to fix and restore dolls.When I hear the cry to Fix My Doll, I go straight to my reference books to find out what kind of doll it is and who made it.  There have to be so many books because there are so many different kinds of dolls. Are you going to fix a wig? Are you going to fix eyes? Are you needing shoes, or clothes? It is fun to see how methods and materials have changed over the years also. I constantly seek to find the best methods for restoration. There are so many variables when I hear Just Fix My Doll!


Books to Just Fix My Doll!

Books to Just Fix My Doll!









A great place to find doll reference books is amazon.com.