Ideal Toni Doll Dresses Still in Demand

More than half a century later Toni and her dresses are still popular

Most of the little girls who were lucky enough to get a Toni doll for Christmas or a birthday still have and love their Toni. They are getting her out of the trunk, the closet, the box or drawer where she has been stored, and wanting to get her a new wardrobe. Toni was a popular doll for two main reasons. The most important reason was that she was the very first doll who came with her own home permanent kit. Second, to that, she was one of the first dolls that advertised extensive wardrobes. Ideal Toni doll dresses were sold separately and in sets.

While there were “more mature figured” dolls that were ladies of fashion, Toni was the doll that set the fashion trends for little girls. She had everything from nightgowns and robes to party dresses. Her available-to-buy wardrobe included shoes, socks, coats, and hats. She could be dressed as a Majorette complete with boots with tassels, or as a bride or bridesmaid. Her school dresses were the envy of every little girl.

Available also were such items as travel trunks, wardrobe closets, hair clips, and jewelry. All the items were appropriate for a little girl of the time to be wearing or using.

The Ideal Toni doll dresses were expensive

The Toni doll was an expensive doll– with a price ranging from around $14 to around $20 for just the doll. If purchased with accessories the price was higher, and the accessories if purchased alone were expensive. It is surprising so many little girls had them as expensive as they were!

Here are a variety of Toni doll dresses and shoes for your Toni doll.

Article by JoAnn Morgan used with permission.