This Lacy Coral Toni-Doll Dress is a copy of a classic Toni doll dress and comes with an attached slip to hold her dress out. Little girls of this era wore twirly dresses with petticoats and puffed sleeves. The Lacy Coral Toni-Doll Dress is made of cotton and is trimmed with vintage nylon lace and satin ribbon with accents of narrow cotton lace and ricrac. The dress closes in the back with two or three buttons in the back.  Don’t forget her panties!

Toni dolls are marked on their backs with a P for plastic and numbers that correspond to their size. The sizes are as follows: P-90 on the 14″; P-91 on the 15″-16″; P92 on the 19″; P-93 on the 21″; and P-94 on the 22 1/2″.

The Toni dolls were introduced in 1949. Her main feature was her nylon hair by Dupont that little girls could perm with a home permanent (sugar water). She came in five sizes, but the largest size of 22 1/2″ is very rare. Toni dresses were available in a wide variety ranging from bridal gowns to school dresses. Many of her dresses were made of nylon, polished cotton, or waffle cotton. This is a doll reference for the Toni dolls