Scootles Kewpie Romper & Bonnet

Scootles Kewpie Romper & Bonnet –  The limited-edition fabric on this romper is an exact copy of a print that was often used in the 1930s for the Kewpie and Scootles dolls. The fabric and lace are all cotton, and the ribbon ties are rayon taffeta. This set is available in three different colors and also three sizes. I was fortunate to find an original Scootles romper to copy for this outfit. The 12″ size will also fit Giggles as she has the same body. Scootles came in about 9 sizes. If you would like a romper set for a different set, just email me and I may be able to make a set just for you.

Shoes and socks are available for your Scootles and Kewpie Dolls also. Copied from an original pair, these custom oilcloth shoes have a scalloped front with cotton ties. Vintage rayon socks and ribbed rayon socks are available also. The shoes look great with either pair of socks.

Kewpie dolls, a product of Rose O’Neill’s illustrations, were first produced in porcelain in about 1912 and were later produced in celluloid and composition and still later in vinyl. They are still popular worldwide. Vintage and Antique Kewpies, Scootle, and Giggles dolls are sought after and widely collected today.