This ShirleyTemple Doll Pleated DanceDress is a nearly exact copy of the original dresses made for the composition Shirley Temple dolls made in the 1930s. This Shirley Temple Doll Pleated Dance Dress is made of vintage cotton organdy trimmed with silk satin ribbon and the picot edges are made with a picot/hemstitching machine from 1910. The ribbons on the side of the dress are made to tie around her wrists so she can hold out her dress.

NOTE: I do not keep all sizes of this ShirleyTemple Doll Pleated DanceDress in stock all of the time, but do make them up as I receive orders. Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your order. It takes about 7 hours to make each dress because of the pleating.

The organdy is sheer, so you will need combination underwear beneath this dress. Also available are oilcloth, center snap shoes, and vintage rayon socks. These vintage rayon socks are old store stock and are no longer made. I have a very limited supply.

In 1935 Shirley Temple wore a pleated dance dress in her movie “Curly Top”. This dress was one of the most popular dresses for the composition Shirley Temple dolls. It was made for all the sizes of dolls with many fabric variations.