Skippy Doll Army Outfit

This Effanbee Skippy Doll Army outfit fits the Effanbee 14″ Skippy dolls. It includes 6 separate pieces: jacket, pants, hat, shirt, leather belt, and silk ribbon tie. It is available with the Officer’s Hat, or the Soldiers Hat. Pins included on the hats. The Army outfit on each is the same.

There were three different body styles for Skippy. The composition body is exactly the same as the Patsy body. The other two were cloth bodies with composition arms and legs; one with molded shoes and the other with bare feet. Don’t forget his shoes and socks if your Skippy has bare feet!

Skippy dolls and his memorabilia are highly collectible. He even has his own website! Skippy began his adventures as a cartoon character in 1923. Skippy dolls can be found dressed in a multitude of costumes that a “real American boy” would wear in that era. During the wartime era of the late 30s to early 40s, Skippy could be found in all the military outfits.