Toni Doll Panties

These Toni Doll Panties are made to fit the vintage Toni dolls. They may fit other dolls with similar measurements. The chart below shows the Toni doll measurements. These panties come in Pink Acetate Taffeta; Off White Acetate Taffeta; and a winter white cotton. The panties have an elastic waist and are trimmed with Nylon lace. The lace may differ from those shown.


Doll Height Waist Hips
P90 Toni 14″ 6 1/4″ 7 3/8″
P91 Toni 15″-16″ 7″ 8 1/4″
P92 Toni 19″ 8 5/8″ 10 1/4″
P93 Toni 21″ 9″ 11 1/4″