Simple Baby Doll Dress

Simple Baby Doll Dress



Simple Baby Doll Dress

This is a very traditional simple baby doll dress that will fit most baby dolls. The dress is made of a vintage 100% cotton batiste fabric. It is now available in three baby colors: antique white; baby blue; and baby pink. The neckline, bodice, and hem edge are trimmed with a vintage rayon pink and blue loop, rayon trim and it buttons in the back. Batiste is very lightweight cotton, so the dress really looks best if you add a  slip and bloomers as they really fill out a dress.

NOTICE: These simple baby doll dresses are made for chubby cloth bodied dolls or chubby bent-limb baby dolls of composition or vinyl or other material. The baby doll size is usually too long for a straight leg toddler, so please don’t order for a straight leg toddler as you may not be happy with the fit.

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9-10" – $22, 11-12" – $23, 13-14" – $24, 15" – $25, 16" – $26, 17-18" – $27, 19-20" – $28, 21-22" $29, 23-24" – $30, 25-26" – $32


Winter White, Pink, Blue