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Mini Pleater – For Doll Clothes

Mini Pleater - For Doll Clothes I love all the tiny pleats that are on many of the vintage doll clothes, but it takes so long to make them that I decided to make a mini pleater to make it easier. There [...]



My Kay Petal DVDs and needles got here finally and I have watched them all. Kay has produced a wonderfel DVD set and is also wonderful about answering questions by email. I have spent sooooo many hours on this [...]


KoolAid Dye

KoolAid Dye Oh My Goodness! I have been bitten by the needle felting bug, and as I usually do with new projects, I have gone completely overboard. I am going to use KoolAid Dye! I have wool all over [...]


Quality Cloth Dolls

I have been making antique reproduction dolls for over 30 years. The other day I was surfing the net, as I do too often, and somehow I got off onto cloth doll making. I am amazed at the quality [...]


Authentic Costuming For Dolls

Authentic Costuming For Dolls Authentic Costuming for Dolls - Today there are many wonderful sewing machines, beautiful fabrics and trims, and doll patterns available for the doll costumer. If you are sewing for a modern doll, your choices are [...]



Dolly Memories I have always loved dolls and all their tiny costumes and accessories. I grew up on the side of a mountain and made dolls out of acorns and hollyhock flowers, but of course, none of them survived. [...]



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