All Bisque Doll Gia1

French Sustrac Repro

All Bisque Doll Gia1 – This little 6″ mignonette is 6″ is a copy of an early French Sustrac bisque doll. She has an auburn mohair wig and blue glass eyes. She has expertly painted multistroke eyebrows with tiny lashes. Her accented nostrils and closed mouth with an accent line between the lips give her an elegant look. Her tan boots have black painted buttons with socks edged in a blue stripe, and yellow-brown colored soles with dark brown heels. She has leather-lined joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, and hips. Blue bead earrings accented with vintage gold beads grace her ears.

She is a wonderful child to dress and she is so much fun to display! There are several patterns and kits available for you to sew for this little doll. The Mignonette patterns and kits have been adapted from original La Poupe Modelee magazines and will fit 6-7″ all bisque dolls.

This doll is a copy of a very rare miniature doll. This French Mignonette by Fernand Sustrac from Paris circa 1875-77, has a beautiful face and slender elongated body sculpture. Sammy Odin at the Musée de la Poupée in Paris has written a wonderful book about Mignonettes, but it is no longer in print and is hard to find.