Heubach Googly Bisque Doll

Antique Reproduction Doll

Heubach Googly Bisque Doll 262 German Character Doll – A 6.5″ whimsical little fellow with side glancing eyes, molded hair, and biting his lower lip. He is on the typical five-piece chunky body with bare feet. He is a German bisque character doll by Ernst Heubach. The marks on the back of his neck read Germany 262 DRGM indicating that he is a doll created during one of the several company mergers.

Solid-domed bisque socket head with sculpted blonde boyish hair. His painted blue intaglio, side-glancing googly eyes have painted upper lashes and short-stroke brows. His button-shaped nose is above a closed mouth with an overbite and a suggestion of upper teeth. He also has impressed cheek dimples on his chubby cheeks. His leather-lined joints include his neck, shoulders, and hips.

The white and brown/burgundy oxford shoes, made of leather also have a leather sole. I can make these in most color combinations. Put in a note when you order for the colors you would like to have otherwise they will be made as shown in the picture.

It is interesting that Ernst Heubach created dolls from about 1887 – 1932+ in Germany. Here is a doll reference page about Heubach dolls and their history.