All Bisque Doll Clothes3

All Bisque Doll Clothes3  – This little wool coat and hat will fit most all bisque dolls 5″ – 6″.  They are both mounted on a 5.5″ X 8.5″ card. They would look great displayed with your little mignonette dolls or you can remove them and put them on your dolls. The dolls are not included but can be purchased here.

The December 1878 issue of La Poupee Modele published a pattern for a wool coat and hat for the little pocket dolls.

The original pattern was in the December 1878 issue of La Poupee Modele. Both the Mignonette pattern and kit are adapted from the original La Poupe Modele magazine. If you prefer to make your own, the pattern and kit are available.