Horsman Bunny Love Tots Doll

Antique Reproduction Doll

Horsman Bunny Love Tots Doll. This 6″ tall, all bisque character doll has a sculpted white bunny hood with pink-lined bunny ears. She also has a blond tuft of hair at the forehead that hangs down just above her blue intaglio, side glancing eyes. The expertly painted closed pouty mouth and pink shoes with white socks provide charm. In addition, the jointed arms move. This doll poured in white porcelain, has layers of flesh-tone china paint to give a vintage glow to her skin.

Jean Nordquist made a mold of this doll and named the mold “Bunny Love”. She also lists her mold as being an early German doll from the early 1900s. The original antique dolls have been found marked Germany on the bottom of the foot and likely made in Germany for Horsman, perhaps by Heubach. These bunny dolls listed here created from the Nordquist molds.

“Bunny Tots Adventures” , the name of a character that appeared in the Washington Post in an illustrated column on Sundays in 1924, became part of a series of books published by author, illustrator and creator Edward G. McCandlish in 1926 and republished in 1928.