Mignonette Doll Pattern Coat

Petit Pardessus – Small Overcoat & Gentil Bonnet
Pattern and Printed Fabric Sheet
December 1878

Mignonette Doll Pattern Coat December 1878 issue of La Poupee Modele published a wool coat printed on white wool. After I finished the coat, it seemed like she needed a hat. So I found a hat for a larger doll in the La Poupee Modele magazine in the same year and reduced it to match the coat.
The doll pictured is 5 1/4″ tall. This pattern includes a pattern with detailed directions, printed wool felt fabric sheet for the coat and hat pictured. The kit includes printed cardstock and silk lining for the base of the hat with all the trims you need to complete the outfit.
Fits all bisque dolls 5″ – 6″. If you are sewing for a 5″ doll, take just a tiny bit larger seam.

The pattern print on this wool (the wrong side of the fabric) comes out smudged, but the right side is all white. Please be aware of this if you order this coat as a kit.