I am no longer taking doll repairs.

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Free Doll Repair Quote

The initial doll repair quote for doll restoration services is offered free of charge. This will give you an idea of the work that will be involved in your doll repair project. You can let me know what you are thinking about for doll repair, doll restoration, or doll clothing.

Please fill out the form below for your free doll repair quote.

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After carefully considering your wishes and the pictures,  I will email you an initial estimate on your precious doll’s treatment.  If you decide to go forward, you will provide the shipping costs both ways. Once I receive your doll/teddy, I will give you a soup to nuts description of each item that can be repaired or restored. In the bid I will detail everything that would be needed for a full restoration. Then I will email you a detailed bid for your doll’s repair. You will be able to choose the repairs you want for your doll. If you approve the bid, then I will put your doll on my work order list.

Fill out the free doll repair quote form today and I will respond within three days, but usually sooner.

How much will it cost?
Every doll is different. Most repairs range between $12 and $20 per inch in height of the doll. The information you provide will give me some idea of the needed repairs. For an accurate doll repair quote and bid, I will need to see the actual doll.

How long will it take? I have about 50+ repairs on hand all the time. Extensive and full restorations can take from 3-6 months to complete. Stringing and smaller repairs I try to move out within three weeks. Some times I will take an emergency case for a special event and push it forward. I do understand if the “patient” is a child’s special loved one, and I will do my best to get these special cases finished quickly for an additional charge of $50.


I will be able to offer you custom doll work and give you suggestions or alternatives in the repair, restoration, or preservation of your doll using the FREE doll repair quote. This link will take you to the bid process checklist to see the details involved. You will be able to get your questions fully answered before you approve any repairs or restoration on your doll.

Doll repair and doll restoration is a real labor of love. Doll repair is messy, time consuming, and just plain a lot of work. But doll doctors are devoted enough to bringing dolls back to life that we do it out of love. It is so rewarding to take a doll that is destined for the trash heap and restore it to it’s former beauty. It is a delight to see the joy in a doll owner’s face when they first see their precious doll restored and brought back to life.

A precious doll or toy is irreplaceable and the value of a quality restoration doesn’t have a price tag. I carefully consider the time and materials needed for a quality restoration in the bids that I work up. When considering restoration quotes, keep in mind the quality of work that will be delivered. 

I realize that my reputation is on-the-line with each restoration and doll repair that I do. I strive to bring a doll back to it’s original condition, just as it was when it was new. Although I can give an estimate of the doll restoration from pictures, I will need to see the doll for a hands on analysis before I can give you a detailed doll repair quote. Each Doll Repair or Restoration is an individual and unique experience. No two doll repairs are the same. Each doll diagnosis is different. Submit the form today and I will email you back with a free doll repair quote.