Doll Repair Bid Process

How much will it cost?


Here is the process to get a FREE Doll Repair Bid for your dolls restoration. Going through this process will give you an idea of the work involved to restore your precious doll. A typical doll restoration averages about $12 – $18 per inch of doll, but every doll has different needs, so the price on a doll repair bid may vary greatly. To start with we need to talk and I will need to see pictures of your doll.

1. Let’s Chat

  • You can talk to me in person; by phone; or in an email to discuss your doll restoration in detail. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about Forget Me Not Dolls and the products and services available.

2. Fill out the Free Bid Quote

  • Using the provided form, you will fill in your information, details about the doll restoration services you want, and upload pictures of your doll.
  • Let me know what you are thinking about in doll repair, doll restoration, or doll clothing.
  • I will usually answer you within 48 hours and give you and estimate for your doll repair bid.

3. Preliminary Estimate

  • In the doll repair bid, I will send you a preliminary estimate outlining the estimated costs for your doll restoration project.
  • Then you decide if you want to send your doll.

4. Send your precious doll

  • Please read through how to pack your doll. We want your doll to arrive safely. Include your contact information and a note reviewing what you would like to have done for your doll.
  • Take pictures of your doll before you send it.
  • Please DO NOT send original clothes or shoes, unless they are to be repaired. Please DO NOT SEND original boxes, tags, bath towels, etc. as storage is an issue.
  • Shipping costs to and from are the responsibility of the owner.

5. Final Repair Quote

  • Upon arrival of your doll, it will be given a detailed examination and pictures will be taken.
  • A line-item bid quote will be sent to you for review, along with pictures. Included in the doll repair bid will be the items that you mentioned in your initial contact and enclosed note and anything else found in the detailed examination that you may want to consider.
  • You are under no obligation to accept each line item. You will then authorize each line item that you want by initialing that item, or authorize the items in an email.

6. Yes! Fix my doll!

  • Please keep a copy of the doll repair bid and send or email an approved copy of the contract to Forget Me Not Dolls.
  • No restoration will be begin on your doll until I receive the contract. That way we will both know exactly which doll restorations will be made.
  • In the rare instance that after reviewing the bid, you choose not to move forward with restoration, then your doll will be returned to you at your expense.

7. When will I get my precious doll back?

  • Once we have an agreed upon contract and a payment, you doll will be placed on the work order list.
  • Dolls are worked on in the order they are received unless a rush is placed on them for a special event such as a birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas, etc.   A typical turn around would be 2-3 months. You may check the placement of your doll and progress on the list at any time.
  • When your doll restoration is finished, you will be notified and I will send you an invoice for your convenience.
  • When payment is complete your doll will be packaged and returned to you.


Once the restoration on a doll has been completed, you will be sent a payment invoice and notification that your doll is ready to ship. In the event of a no pay financial obligation,  there will be a 30 day grace period  in which the transaction may be completed.  Every effort will be made on my part to contact you to resolve any issues. In the event that there is a 30 days laps without restitution, the doll(s) etal. will become the property of the Forget Me Not Dolls to disperse to recover expenses incurred for work completed.