Green Patsy Day Dress&Hat

This Effanbee Green Patsy Day Dress&Hat are available in several sizes for your Effanbee Patsy family dolls. The 100% cotton dress closes in the back with two buttons and comes adorned with contrasting vintage trim. Smallest sizes may have square snaps rather than buttons in the back. The dress bodice and cloche hat come lined too.

Don’t forget the shoes, socks, as well as combination underwear to complete this outfit and make this little dress stand out. Several shoe styles available here for your Patsy family dolls.

The Patsy Joan doll came in two different sizes. In the 1930s the 16″ Patsy Joan’s hair styled in a short bob like the other Patsy family dolls. In 1946 Patsy Joan was issued as a 17-inch doll with molded curly hair and marked Effandbee on her back. Dresses and hats are available in both sizes.

All the fourteen Patsy Family dolls range in size from a tiny 6″ up to the large 30″ Patsy Mae. This dress and cloche hat, typical of the era, likely fits other similar dolls of the era also. Patsy dolls were very popular and very imitated. Here is a link to the look-alike Patsy dolls.