Ankle Tie Party Doll Shoes

Ankle Tie Party Doll Shoes



Ankle Tie Party Doll Shoes


Patsy Dolls & Shirley Temple Dolls

These Ankle Tie Party Doll Shoes are for your Patsy Dolls and Shirley Temple Dolls.They have edge stitching, eyelets, and rayon center ties. They are available in either leather or true oilcloth. Buckle or bow trims and ribbon ties may vary from those shown. These are a high quality shoe for your Patsy or Shirley Temple dolls.

These shoes are made to fit the composition Ideal Shirley Temple Dolls or the Effanbee Patsy family dolls. They will likely fit other composition dolls from that era as well.Vintage rayon doll socks are available for your dolls also.

Additional information

Doll Size

30" Patsy Mae $38, 27" Shirley Temple $38, 27" Patsy Ruth $38, 25" Shirley Temple $38, 22" Patsy Lou $35, 22" Shirley Temple $35, 20" Shirley Temple $35, 19" Patsy Ann $35, 18" Shirley Temple $35, 17" Shirley Temple $35, 17" 1940's Patsy Joan $35, 16" 1930's Patsy Joan $35, 16" Shirley Temple $35, 14" Patsy/Skippy $30, 13" Shirley Temple $30, 11" Patsy Jr $30, 11" Shirley Temple $30


Antique White Oil Cloth, Ivory Oil Cloth, Black Oil Cloth, White Leather, Black Leather, Brown Leather, Pink Leather

Decorative Trims

Gold tone, Silver tone