SweetSue Maggie Margaret PuffedPanties

SweetSue Maggie Margaret PuffedPanties made of vintage off white cotton batiste trimmed with lace. These are the puffy panties found on many of the hard plastic dolls from the 1950s. Shoes and socks pictured are available for your dolls also.

Sweet Sue, Margaret and Maggie dresses fit the hard plastic dolls from the 1950’s that have a more slender shape. These include not only Sweet Sue, Margaret, and Maggie, (by Madame Alexander) but others of the same body style. The Sweet Sue types will also fit that style doll in the composition dolls of a the same size, such as Deanna Durbin and Wendy Ann, as long as they are the same height.

The first Sweet Sue dolls were produced from1948-50 and were a painted hard plastic and many were unmarked. Later the walkers and other variations of Sweet Sue were introduced and were produced through 1966. The hard plastic American Character Dolls, Arranbee Dolls, and Madame Alexander dolls were produced by the Model Plastics Company of White Plains, NY. So the dolls are many times identical except for wigs and costumes.

Please choose carefully as I do not offer refunds or exchanges on doll clothes or shoes.