RedPlastic GinnyType Doll Shoes

RedPlastic GinnyType Doll Shoes – These shoes have a strap across the front that doesn’t open. These fit the 7-8″ Ginny perfectly. They will also fit many 8″ dolls such as Ginny, Alexanderkins®, Storyland®, Little Women, etc. These are all old store stock.

Both ruffled and anklet socks are also available for your Ginny-type dolls.

The best way to put these tiny shoes on your dolls is to put the socks inside the shoes, then slide the feet in for a perfect fit.

One of my first dolls was a Ginny doll, that Grandpa bought me when I was seven, and I spent many hours sewing for her. That was the beginning of a lifetime of sewing for children and dolls. I still love sewing to this day.

Ruby Lane’s article on the history of the Ginny doll documents the history of Ginny dolls.

Return Policy – All sales are final with no refund. I have created all the doll clothes and most of the shoes on this site, uniquely created for a particular doll and guaranteed to fit that doll. If you do happen to have a problem with an item, please let me know.