Project Description

This baby has a story, just as all the dolls do. Half the charm of each doll is hearing it’s story; where it began, how it came to me, and where it is going. I cannot tell this story any better than the gentleman who sent this baby to me to be restored for his sister.

“I am interested in having my sisters doll repaired. She received it as a Christmas gift in 1976. I would like the tears repaired in both her body and clothing stitched. I would also like her to be cleaned up as much as possible. She is missing an eyelash and a shoe. It would be great if those could be replaced also. According to her I am the one responsible for the missing eyelash. I cannot confirm or deny my involvement in the disappearance of the eyelash. I was 2 years old. My intention is to give this to her as a wedding gift in the beginning of July.”

Won’t this make a wonderful gift? After seeing this baby, I of course recommended a full spa day, with shampoo, perm, and hairstyle also. Her lovely, original clothes also needed cleaned and repaired. She was sent to me in Oklahoma City and I spent a lot of time working on her, making her look nearly new again. Originally, on this kind of doll, the arms and legs are machine stitched to the body. But, I don’t have a specialized machine for this, so I stitch them on  by hand using a pair of pliers to pull the needle through the vinyl one stitch at a time.

Isn’t she lovely now? She looks nearly as good as she did when she was first purchased. So,  on to a wedding to be presented to her original owner. Will they recognize each other? I hope there will be tears of joy at the reunion.