George & Martha Washington Dolls

Effanbee Patsyette Dolls

These George & Martha Washington Dolls were sold to mark the 1932 two Hundred Year celebration of the United States of America. The Bicentennial of George Washington’s birth, celebrated in 1932, was a significant historical event of its time. Department stores throughout the United States sold George & Martha Washington Dolls as souvenirs of this memorable time.

These dolls came with a blue and white pin button showing the Father of his Country in a familiar profile bust and reads, “George Washington, 1732-1932”. It is rare to find this pin on the dolls as children liked to take them off and wear them too. This pair still have their original celluloid pins.

This pair of 9″ Effanbee Patsyette Dolls are in remarkable condition. They have their original, uncombed, mohair wigs, clothes, socks, shoes, and original celluloid pins. They do have nose rubs and some joint rubs. They have not been touched up in any way. Please see the photographs for a close-up and details.


George is wearing his all original:

  • blue felt hat trimmed in gold has a red felt cockade
  • an elaborate gold-lined blue continental uniform;
  • orange felt vest
  • tan felt pants
  • lace jabot at his neckline
  • original rayon socks
  • original black shoes

His wool felt clothes do have a few moth holes. I can repair those if you would like for me to.


Martha is wearing her all original:

  • long lacy onsie
  • pink slip
  • a pale blue organdy, deeply hemmed dress, with applied pink felt flowerets
  • a pink flannel over dress
  • original rayon socks
  • original white shoes.


This article shows another original pair of George & Martha Washington Dolls without their pins on Courier Press. The original pins on these dolls are rarely found, but this pair still has theirs.