All Bisque Mignonette 886

Antique Reproduction Doll

All Bisque Mignonette 886 – This little doll is a copy of the Simon Halbig 886 German Doll. She has four tiny hand-carved teeth, brown glass eyes, and a brown mohair wig. She has been poured in white porcelain and her skin tone painted on. If you like to sew, there are several patterns and kits available for her.

All the antique little pocket dolls are a delight to see. They were first reproduced in France in about 1860, then later produced in Germany, Japan, then later in the United States. These dolls are all bisque and their sizes range from a tiny one inch to fifteen inches tall. Doll Reference gives a good overview of these delightful little dolls. The reproduction dolls such as Twirp#1, copied from the antique dolls, are smaller than the originals due to shrinkage of the porcelain. Many of these little all-bisque dolls are available here.