All Bisque Heebee Sheebee Pair

All Bisque Heebee Sheebee pair 6.5″ tall, she with pink and he with blue painted slippers. Made in 1982, they both have painted facial features and a molded white painted chemise. They do have pour holes in the bottoms of their feet. Each doll comes with a one-piece white bisque torso and an over-sized head with a bald pate. Painting includes O-shaped googly-like blue eyes, little button nose, tiny closed mouth with downcast lips, and chubby blushed cheeks. In addition, their white sculpted and painted smock torso with loop-jointed arms, and unusual jointing of legs into the lower torso allows them to stand alone.

The Horseman dolls originally made in 1925 came in either composition or as all bisque dolls. Dolls referenced here  The figures designed by American artist, Charles Twelve trees, made his fame designing character-like children for postcards and books.