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I currently have so many repair orders that I am only accepting local repairs at this time.

Let’s Chat! This form is only for short information questions,

not for cost estimates for your doll or doll repair.

Forget Me Not Doll Repair is here to help you with all your doll and teddy repairs. Whether you are needing doll repair, doll restoration, doll clothes and shoes, or any doll related questions, contact Forget Me Not Doll Repair, and I will be happy to help you. Please use the form below and I will answer your your questions, usually withing one or two days.

ASKING ABOUT DOLL REPAIRS? – If you have a doll you have questions about, and would like and idea of the needed repairs, please fill out the free doll repair quote form. The form below does not have a place to attach pictures, but the free doll repair quote form does have a way to attach three pictures. It also asks important information that I need to know about your doll to give you a better estimate of the repairs.

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  • Please do not use this form for doll repairs.

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This is the form to use if you want to find out about services for your doll, or have general questions. Please do not use this form to ask about cost for doll repair or restoration. Please use the free doll repair quote bid form so you can attach pictures, and tell more about your restoration project. I have specific questions on that form that I need to know in order to give you an estimate for repairs. Please keep in mind that the free quick quote is a general estimate and not a firm bid for repairs. I will need to see your doll in person to be able to tell you the extent of damage that I find and give you a firm bid.