Doll Restoration and Doll Repair

Forget Me Not Doll Hospital

For Vintage and Antique Dolls


Forget Me Not Doll Hospital takes special care of all the patients that come. To work full time with doll repair and to fully restore dolls in my doll hospital has been a life long dream. Doll repair is for broken dolls that just need a little fixing. The Forget Me Not Doll Hospital can repair and restore your precious dolls back to their former beauty. Doll restoration is what I do for dolls that need to be fully restored to their original condition. With years of experience, I use my knowledge and expertise in museum quality restoration for your precious patient. I am also a professional seamstress with 50+ years sewing experience. I love to reproduce old doll clothes and create period costuming for every kind of doll. Just fill out the doll repair quote with pictures and tell me about your doll. Tell me what you have in mind for your doll also. I will give you a free price quote to bring your precious doll back to it’s original beauty.

Your favorite doll is priceless, precious, and irreplaceable.

I understand how hard it is for a doll owner to put their dolls in someone else’s hands to restore broken parts and broken dreams.  Your doll is a beloved piece of your family history.  At the Forget Me Not Doll Hospital I tenderly use my knowledge and expertise to fix your doll and bring it back to it’s former beauty.  Doll hospital services include, but are not limited to:

  • doll repair
  • restore dolls to their former beauty
  • reconstruct fingers, toes, and other doll parts
  • string loose dolls
  • clean dolls and mend their clothes
  • reset eyes or replace eyes and irises
  • clean and restyle wigs
  • custom made period or reproduction doll clothes

Before you send your precious doll, please read over the repair bid process. Then read through how to pack a doll for shipping. The Forget Me Not Doll Hospital will be there for you and your patient.  I will also address any of your wishes and concerns about your doll.

Take a fun look at a 100 year old doll hospital, in Australia that has repaired over three million dolls! Children all over the world love their dolls. Even as adults, they hold a special place in our hearts.

Kewpie Doll Restoration

Compo Skootles Restoration