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Doll Repair in Oklahoma City OK

Doll repair in Oklahoma City OK is one of my

favorite occupations, but not the only one.

Of course I do doll repair in Oklahoma City OK , but it is not the only thing I do here. I moved here to do doll repair in Oklahoma City OK because this is where four of my grandchildren are.
doll repair in Oklahoma City OKThere are so many children’s activities in this area: zoo; science museum; Orr Family Farm; Museum of Natural History; Tiger Safarri; and many more places. We have been to a few of them. Then I bought a house big enough for all of us, so I see them every day. Their family is mostly upstairs, while my bedroom and shop is downstairs, so they can sit and watch me work on dolls most days. They love to help out and they are beginning to learn sewing and embroidery. My hope is that I can turn at least one of them into a doll restoration artist some day. 🙂 They can already look at some antique dolls and tell their names and manufacturers. I plan to take the oldest granddaughter to doll shows with me, the same as I did with my four children when they were growing up.

 I have lived in Oklahoma City for the past two years and have joined the most wonderful doll club. We meet for a luncheon and program once a month and it is something I really look forward to. We also take excursions to different areas and take in luncheons with other doll clubs. We are the Doll Collectors of Oklahoma, which is part of the United Federation of Doll Clubs.

I was teaching art in the public schools PK-6th grade. It is a job that kept my creative juices flowing and kept me involved in artistic expression. Now that I am working full time in doll restoration, I am no longer teaching in the public schools. Doll Repair in Oklahoma City OK is what I want do full time and it fulfills a lifelong dream of having a full time doll shop.

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