Doll Repair in Tulsa OK – Gettin’ Paint

No Workshop for Doll Repair in Tulsa OK,

just gettin’ paint!

Doll Repair in Tulsa OK

Paint Booth

Doll Repair in Tulsa OK – My workshop isn’t located there, but that is where I go to get the paint that I use when I do doll repair and restoration for dolls. Here is a picture of my airbrush paint booth, and some of the paint that I use. I use only the best acrylic enamel paint for my doll restorations. It is long lasting and has UV filters in it, so it will not fade in the sunlight and will last for many, many years without cracking or peeling. I went to every paint store where I live, but couldn’t find a paint that was the best. I am told that the weekend painters, just want paint that will look good for a year or two. I want a paint that will keep dolls that I restore looking great for another 100 years or so. The cheaper paints run $100-$200 a gallon, but the highest quality is about $400 a gallon.

My last trip to get paint in Tulsa, I spent about four hours talking to the paint guy to make sure I was getting the highest quality paints and all the thinners and primers that I needed for a while. Then, woe is me, my car broke down and I had to be towed most of the way home! It was cold, there was a storm and traffic was going really slow, so I sat on the road, with no heat, for over two hours before the tow truck finally got there. All is well that ends well though. Turns out my water pump hose broke, so it wasn’t expensive to get my car fixed the next day.

I might not be doing doll repair in Tulsa OK, but I have great paint again and I can go forward with more doll repairs. Wherever you live, you can ship your dolls to Forget Me Not Dolls and be confident that you are getting the best service available anywhere. Fill out the Free Doll Repair Quote and I will get back with you on an approximate cost for the restoration of your precious doll.


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