Vinyl Baby Doll Clothes

///Vinyl Baby Doll Clothes

Vinyl Baby Doll Clothes


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Vinyl Baby Doll Clothes

Dress and Bonnet

Vinyl Baby Doll Clothes – These frilly baby doll dresses and bonnets are made for the really chubby baby dolls with cloth bodies and vinyl arms and legs from about 1960-present. These will fit the Madam Alexander chubby babies like Thumbelina, Pussy Cat, Puddin’ etc. The ribbon tie around the waist can be adjusted for a smaller waist size. They are made of a cotton blend with lots of vintage nylon lace, ribbon, and embroidered flower trim. Lace and trim may vary from those shown. Dresses close in the back with either buttons or snaps.

*Bonnet: Bonnets are included with the dresses. Hat sizes vary a lot depending on whether your baby has hair or not, so the bonnets come in different sizes too. Measure from ear lobe up over the top of the head down to the opposite ear lobe to get the brim size for the bonnet that you need.

Underwear: Slips and bloomers are available separately. Dresses always look better with slips and underwear to fill them out. Shoes and socks are available also.

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Dress Sizes

9" – 10" baby doll $38, 11" – 12" baby doll $38, 13" – 14" baby doll $45, 15" – 16" baby doll $45, 17" – 18" baby doll $49, 19" – 20" baby doll $49, 21" – 22" baby doll $55, 23" – 24" baby doll $55


white w/blue trim, cream w/pink trim, blue, yellow, mint green, pink

*Bonnet Sizes

7" Brim, 8" Brim, 9 " Brim, 10" Brim, 11" Brim, 12" Brim